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About Us

2Suns Salon & Wellness' mission is to provide personalized, high-quality skin care that beautifies with confidence.  Using the BEST in UV and Spray Tanning equipment in combination with quality products and solutions.  Amazing professional grade teeth whitening service and products that guarantee results and usually last between 3-6months.

Stand-Up UV tanning with full 360 coverage.  No pressure points, no mess, no acrylic to block the UV rays.  Combined with our Sun Evolutions tanning products, clients see the fastest tanning results compared to other machines.

Adding the custom airbrush sunless tanning service to our salon in 2016 has been an amazing addition. Our spray artists are certified through Norvell Sunless Solutions and California Tan companies.  Providing the best spray tan for our clients in the shades that they wish to be.  Each session is customized per the clients skin type and requests.  All Custom spray sessions include a PH balancing prep spray, solution, and the Hydrofirm post spray to give amazing results.  We also give each client a take-home skin care package to ensure the longevity and beauty of the spray tan.  We also offer the Mystic spray automated booth.

The Red Light Therapy booth offers a natural fix to those problem areas on your skin.  Red Light therapy has been proven, by NASA, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, stretch marks, and scars.  It works by building collagen within the deeper layers of skin to naturally push out bacteria which is great for removing acne and progressing healing within the skin.  

The Wellness Cocoon has been a great addition to our salon since 2014, to provide clients with pain-relief and healing using far infrared technology, vibration massage, dry-heat, and Himalayan salt therapy.  This machine can also aid in detox weight-loss along with skin tightening when used for a longer time frame with higher temperatures.  Whether using the Relax or Shape settings on the Cocoon, our clients are seeing the results that they crave to feel confidence within their skin.

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