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It's tough to compare prices as we have different equipment than the "other guys", but here's our best.

UV Tanning

We have 12 Quality Stand-Up UV Tanning machines, in 3 different levels, to give you a full coverage in a convenient time frame of only 8-12 minutes. Each machine has an attached, private changing room area.  

Our expertly educated staff will demonstrate how to use our machines as well as match your skin type and tanning goals to the machine that will do the job for you
We are consistent with installing NEW lamps to ensure that your session never "gets old".

We highly recommend the use of professional indoor tanning lotion for each and every UV session.  This will not only help with the bronzing process, but also prevents the skin from drying out.  Many lotions that we carry in our salon offer other skin benefits such as tattoo protection, caffeine for skin tightening, and vitamins and minerals for optimum moisturization.

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