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We have 12 UV Stand-Up tanning units with attached private changing rooms with 3 different levels (or experiences) for our clients. Our stand-Up UV booths provide UV tanning with full 360 coverage.  No pressure points, no mess, and no acrylic to slow the process.  Combined with our Sun Evolutions tanning products, our clients see the fastest tanning results compared to other machines.  2 of our 12 UV machines provide 8% UVA/UVB, while 10 UV machines provide 2% UVB/UVA rays (the industry average). 

Our quality equipment has helped many clients see reduction in eczema, psoriasis, acne, and more.  Clients can also build Vitamin D while they bronze in under 12 minutes. We pride ourselves in our cleanliness and quality. No appointment necessary! 

Check out our Level 3  UV Tanning Booth

Level 1 - 12 minutes max

level 2 - 10 minutes max

level 3 - 8 minutes max